Vecchio Quartiere

  • ClientMostralfonso Agency
  • Team
  • DateJuly 2008
  • Type Of Work
    • Movie
    • Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Animation
    • Editing
    • Post production
    • Voice and soundtrack
  • Description

    The story is written by the comics author Romano Garofalo who then proceeded to convert it into an animation strip.

    The pilot episode of IL VECCHIO QUARTIERE was nominated in a contest at the prestigious meet "Cartoons on the Bay" in 2008 where the judges deemed it worthy of the Pitch Me event.

    Paolo Lamanna has worked on the modeling, texturing and lighting, and Pasquale Lanzieri on the Modeling, Rigging and Animation.

    The movie was made using Cinema 4D, Final Cut and Motion from Apple.